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Collaborative Impact

By October 23, 2015March 16th, 2016General


As the first post on this site, it is kind of hard to start with a blank slate, but I will do my best to give you a sense of who I am and what you will get from reading these.

I am a younger professional, but I have had a lot of experience that I think comes across when people talk to me. I am quite goofy outside of work and I love to spend time with friends, play games, go for walks, sing, and watch movies.

I am also eternally obsessed with my dog, who is almost 2 years old. He is a miniature Australian shepherd named Tucker with endless energy, happiness, and curiosity. He is also the most adorable thing on the planet, but that could just be my opinion (I’ll let you decide for yourself).


But this blog is going to be about continuous improvement. We go to a lot of companies and talk to a lot of people. I get to hear their frustrations and ideas, but I don’t want to hoard them. I think there is a lot more we can all do to help each other out and sharing what works is one way of doing that.

These posts are written to accomplish several things:

  1. To share ideas and tools that work with anyone who wants to improve
  2. To show people that are trying to improve that they are not alone; the frustrations are real and can be fixed
  3. To explore some topics often overlooked in improvement
  4. To describe things that we have helped others do that could also benefit you

So if you want to get ideas, see what other people are doing, or keep tabs on what we’re up to – these posts can help you.

We are always trying to improve too; constructive feedback is always welcome. Please comment or email so I can respond back to any questions you may have. Feel free to email me any time at

Thank you for reading!


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