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We deliver high-quality, interactive classes and there are many to choose from.


  • Build your own improvement program by giving people the tools they need to succeed
  • Empower leaders with knowledge to make decisions and lead teams effectively
  • Transform your company culture to continuously prioritize and address improvement opportunities
  • Grow employee engagement and creativity

We help progressive thinkers work efficiently and cleverly so they can continuously improve and live fulfilling professional and personal lives.

Many companies realize the need for having a trained and competitive workforce that can increase productivity, solve problems, improve quality, impact safety, and boost customer satisfaction. With the right training, the applied knowledge can help organizations hit their goals. We are committed to teaching others how to apply the tools and techniques for improvement. In addition to classroom-style training, we use hands-on simulations, games and activities, group workshops, team exercises, class facilitation, and individual application.

What Our Clients Say

Wonderful experience, they are very smart and cause you to learn.

Workshop Participant

I now have the tools I need to make my workplace more functional, efficient, and enjoyable.

Bronze Lean Champion Participant

Course is easy, friendly, and compliments our purpose in the objectives here.

Workshop Participant

Excellent presentations, material, and mix of activities.

Bronze Lean Champion Participant

Excellent, informative, fun.

Workshop Participant

Learning effective ways to solve problems.

Bronze Lean Champion Participant

It was very helpful, educational, and could be applied without many resources.

Workshop Participant

We Have Options to Fit Your Needs

Clients have the choice of on-site training for their employees or leadership teams.

We also offer open-enrollment courses for individuals or small groups. Come to a class!

What to Expect

Your Place or Ours?

Many customers prefer to get out of their own work environment to foster positive change away from the day-to-day. We offer our own favorite locations for hosting sessions for clients.

Sometimes it makes sense to be at the location where the work takes place. We also travel to facilities for the convenience of clients and hands-on improvements. We will happily come to you.

The Details

Session length may vary, depending upon client needs and depth of the project. Most sessions take 1 day to complete.

Session prices vary based on the value provided, expenses, number of participants, and other variables. Please ask for more information based on your needs.

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