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Excel rapidly by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving quality.

Our proven methods will dramatically impact your business with customized events, training, and coaching.


We offer tailored intervention programs to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality while balancing learning, fun, and application

    • Classroom training

    • Learning exercises

    • Participant activities

    • Small group challenges

    • Team competitions

    • Team workshops

Many of our clients describe working with us as engaging, knowledgable, interactive, professional, inclusive, relatable, and devoted to helping them reach their goals

The Team

Collaborative Impact is a company that brings a unique combination of operational expertise and global experience to deliver tangible results for funding organizations supporting ProBlue and ProGreen economies.


We leverage cutting-edge Lean:Evolved technology to deliver customized transformational programs for local organizations in developing countries. Our team focuses on optimizing operations, maximizing resources, and advancing climate change resilience to reduce costs, boost productivity, and grow profitability.


Collaborative Impact brings a comprehensive skill set that spans operational efficiency, environmental sustainability, agricultural and fisheries management, and continuous improvement methodologies. From cultivating fish to processing food, we take pride in facilitating access to nutrition and fostering robust systems that promote community vitality, prosperity, and overall well-being.


Terri Lawrence


Terri Lawrence has over two decades of experience leading operational transformations and systems optimization. As the CEO of Collaborative Impact, Terri has offered guidance to hundreds of companies, trained thousands of participants, and conducted countless onsite events. She has expertise in a wide array of industries worldwide, including manufacturing, healthcare, food processing, and aquaculture.

Terri recently wrote a guidebook outlining effective improvement methodologies designed specifically for small-scale fish farmers.

Terri Lawrence is an esteemed expert in her field, possessing extensive knowledge and a steadfast dedication to assisting organizations in optimizing operations and bolstering climate resilience.

Her goal is to strengthen livelihoods and improve food security in developing countries through strategic and practical initiatives.

Carroll Rhea


Carroll is a seasoned Lean:Evolved Specialist at Collaborative Impact, bringing over a decade of expertise in process optimization, supply chain logistics, and operations management. She has successfully implemented continuous improvement principles and process redesign across a spectrum of organizations globally.

Her multi-cultural savviness and strong communication skills have contributed to her reputation as a trusted and collaborative advocate.

Carroll is committed to driving significant enhancements in stability, efficiency, and profitability within developing countries.

Her mission involves establishing resilient systems that foster the sustainability of life, growth, and health.





Dr. Joseph Steensma


Dr. Joseph Steensma is a Professor of Environmental Health and Social Entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to becoming a professor, he was active in business and public affairs. He has worked with hundreds of companies around the world to improve operations, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve sustainability throughout their operations.

His research over the last several years has been focused on making food production systems more sustainable and more profitable in order to drive economic development and improve food security in vulnerable communities.

Oyebola Oyediran Olusegun


Dr. Oyebola is a Lecturer at the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, with over a decade of teaching and research experience in aquaculture and fisheries management. Dr. Oyebola played a key role in implementing the Lean:Evolved approach to enhance efficiency within the Nigerian aquaculture and agricultural product preservation sectors, leading to the training of numerous farmers and practitioners.

His efforts in research, training, and development have centered around ensuring sustainable food availability and optimizing food production systems.


All under-resourced organizations have access to world-class business tools and processes.


We drive impactful, positive change in under-resourced organizations to propel dramatic improvements in their stability, efficiency, and profitability.