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Excel rapidly by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving quality.

Our proven methods will dramatically impact your business with customized events, training, and coaching.


We offer tailored intervention programs to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality while balancing learning, fun, and application

    • Classroom training

    • Learning exercises

    • Participant activities

    • Small group challenges

    • Team competitions

    • Team workshops

Many of our clients describe working with us as engaging, knowledgable, interactive, professional, inclusive, relatable, and devoted to helping them reach their goals

Terri Lawrence


Terri believes it’s possible to teach “decades of expertise in days” to help organizations quickly reach their goals. She enjoys serving others, creating clarity out of chaos, and considers herself a life-long learner.

Terri is Collaborative Impact’s founder and a systems optimization specialist. She has more than 20 years of experience serving many industries, and brings a fresh, tailored approach when guiding, implementing, and creating impactful improvements with teams and organizations.

Clients claim Terri has impeccable skills for guiding others through change and a dynamic and inclusive personality for motivating and engaging teams. She helps leaders achieve aggressive goals to reduce costs and increase revenue.

In her free time, Terri enjoys being outdoorsy (hiking, skiing, snorkeling, camping), a foodie, an avid traveler, a cat lover, and a singer (when no one can hear!).

Carroll Rhea


Carroll believes, “Lean can greatly improve any aspect of one’s professional or personal life.” She enjoys solving problems, inspiring others, and making sure everyone feels heard with her approachable and observant style.

Carroll is a Lean Specialist at Collaborative Impact. She has over ten years’ experience in Lean, supply chain logistics, and operations management. Carroll applies her extensive experience across many diverse organizations around the globe. 

Her colleagues have defined Carroll as a highly reliable, deeply perceptive, and considerate colleague who builds long-lasting relationships with her congeniality and strong communication skills.

During her free time, Carroll enjoys staying active outside or at the gym, traveling, listening and dancing (poorly) to several different genres of music, and spending time with her family – including her two little fluffy rescue pups. 


All under-resourced organizations have access to world-class business tools and processes.


We drive impactful, positive change in under-resourced organizations to propel dramatic improvements in their stability, efficiency, and profitability.