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Often times, people are faced with such a big problem that they are not sure  how to get to a solution. Being overwhelmed can paralyze thought processes and make it difficult to even begin. It can be stressful if you don’t know where to start, the right steps to take, or if your steps will lead to a permanent and effective solution.
At Collaborative Impact, we work with teams and individuals to help them use a systematic set of tools and techniques to solve complex problems with ease. This enables groups to move forward and take action instead of hesitating on issues for extended periods of time. Once the obstacle is resolved, not only have you conquered the issue, but you have also learned effective methods to solve problems repeatedly & efficiently. This experience gives participants the confidence to take future challenges head-on.

We help leaders efficiently solve problems so they can easily fix them with solutions that last and move on.


  • Systematically solve problems
  • Hold productive brainstorming sessions
  • Get to the true root causes
  • Develop solutions that last

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Your Place or Ours?

Many customers prefer to get out of their own work environment to foster positive change away from the day-to-day. We offer our own favorite locations for hosting sessions for clients.

Sometimes it makes sense to be at the location where the work takes place. We also travel to facilities for the convenience of clients and hands-on improvements. We will happily come to you.

The Details

Session length may vary, depending upon client needs and depth of the project. Most sessions take 1 day to complete.

Session prices vary based on the value provided, expenses, number of participants, and other variables. Please ask for more information based on your needs.

For More Information:

For More Information:

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